Sunnyslope Elementary

On January 28th, 2022, Books4All donated over 100 books to the Sunnyslope elementary school in Hollister, California. Mr. Rivas helped me transport all the books into the schools library, and I was able to meet the librarian at the school. It has been almost 3 years since Books4All has made a donation to a school, due to the fact that Eric has graduated high school and is currently studying in college. I was informed about how the school was making it through the pandemic, as it has been hard for many schools to maintain funds for their library, as well as other parts of the school. At the very end of my visit, Mr. Rivas invited some of the kids to help unpack the books, and many looked ecstatic for the new selection of books. Some of the books were new, while others were already in the library, but were in worse condition, allowing these duplicates to replace the old ones.


As Eric has now moved on to college, I (Tony), will be doing my best to expand Books4All, so that more kids will be able to experience what the students at Sunnyslope elementary were able to experience.

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