First Donation – Sunnyslope Elementary!

Books4all donated its first shipment of books and school supplies today!

At 12:30 pm, we drove down to Sunnyslope Elementary School in Hollister, CA, with 5 boxes of books (around 400) and about $1000 worth of new school supplies.  The principal of Sunnyslope Elementary, Joe Rivas, and his staff gave us a warm welcome and helped us to transport the books.  After the books and supplies were all moved into the library,  we were introduced to one of Sunnyslope Elementary’s 5th-grade classes and had the opportunity to talk to them about Books4all and our mission.  The 5th-graders greeted us with wide smiles and showed their appreciation by shouting a loud and excited “Thank you, Eric!” in unison.  It was such a great experience to be able to spend time with the students and seeing their smiles really touched us to the bottom of our hearts.  Principal Rivas told us many of these students do not have books or school supplies at home, so we truly believe that our donations can have a huge impact.  We also learned that one of the kindergarten classrooms recently got flooded from a burst pipe.  We resolved to raise more funds to provide items more suited to their needs the next time we visited.  Seeing our impact on these students and their gratitude towards us only elevated our motivation to provide more for other students just like them.  To be able to have and witness such a profound and positive impact on so many others’ lives was truly an honor.

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