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Our Vision

Our mission is to spread equal education and equal literacy throughout the United States.  We believe that a proper education fosters not only a successful future but also a will to learn more.  In a world where education is rapidly becoming one of the most important indicators of a successful future, there are still countless numbers of students who just don’t have the resources to attain a proper education.  We donate books and other school supplies to underfunded schools in order to help these students achieve goals that otherwise would have been impossible.

Our Story

Books4All is a nonprofit organization founded by Eric Gan, currently a freshman at Aragon High School.  We are based in Foster City, CA.  Our mission is to raise funds to purchase books, school supplies, and other essentials for underprivileged students in the United States.

Next Steps…

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Anthony Li




Anthony Li is the President at Books4All, he is a committed leader who brings his passion and expertise to the team. As a student at Homestead High School, he has demonstrated his dedication to education and his ability to inspire others. Tony is also an avid hiker and camper who enjoys spending time in nature. In addition, he has a talent for music and enjoys expressing his creativity through his musical pursuits. With his commitment to excellence and his diverse set of interests and skills, Tony is a valuable asset to the Books4All team.




Bryan Liu


Vice president


Meet our Vice President at Books4All, a passionate individual dedicated to ensuring efficiency in meeting the educational needs of schools and students. With a strong belief in the transformative power of education, Bryan has made it their mission to make books more accessible to those who need them the most. With a lifelong commitment to education and a proven track record of success, he is the perfect addition to our team. When Bryan is not busy making a difference in the world of education, you can find him playing water polo and running his own property management business. Bryan’s diverse set of skills and interests make him an invaluable asset to Books4All and we are honored to have them as part of our team.